Apple won’t work on Macs owned by smokers

If you are a smoker you can’t help but know the health hazards that come along with the habit. If you are an Apple owner who smokes you need to be aware that Apple frowns on smoking and is now stating that smoking voids the warranty of Apple computers.

The problem is that the residue that smoking leaves inside the computer is being termed a health risk. One consumer claims that when he took his MacBook into an Apple store for repairs related to an overheating issue the store refused to work on the computer.

Apple in store personnel reportedly told the person “the computer [has] been used in a house where there was smoking” work could not be carried out due to the “health risks of second hand smoke.” Other Mac owners have also reported that their machines have been refused service due to smoking and one person was told by Apple Store employees that machines contaminated with cigarette smoke are considered a biohazard.

The official word from Apple reports Bit-tech is that “due to nicotine being present on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s list of substances hazardous to health Apple workers would not be expected to work with machines which were contaminated with cigarette smoke residue.”