Apple Watch announced: Apple’s first move into the wearable technology space

Surprising no one, Apple last night revealed its first contender in the wearable technology space, the Apple Watch, as well as two new iPhone models.

During a presentation overnight Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new watch, which boasts a ‘digital crown’. According to Cook, the technology will prove as revolutionary as the iPod Click Wheel.

The digital crown allows users to navigate the Apple Watch’s interface from the right hand side of the watch display. Using the crown, an iPhone can be controlled remotely in order to send texts and make phone calls.


The Apple Watch will be available in three versions: the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition. All will cost US$349, with an Australian price and release window yet to be confirmed.

Other features include a bespoke version of iOS, an array of health and fitness applications, Retina display and Siri support. A S1 SiP chip powers the Apple Watch, while Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 is used to pair with an iPhone.

The watch is also customisable: Apple Watch will support 11 distinct watch faces at launch, as well as personalisation which can result in “millions of possible configurations”, according to Apple.

Apple has also released tools for third-party development in the form of WatchKit, which means we may see a tidal wave of new apps for the device within weeks of its release, if the successful iPhone launch was any indication.

Compared with similar devices like the Jawbone, Apple’s support for music and apps could see it surpass its competition in terms of its feature set, and providing the price is right globally.

Of course, amid the excitement many have piped up to question whether there will be an Apple Watch suitable for left-handed users. With the crown built into the right hand side of the device, it may prove tricky for lefties.