Apple rejects wireless sync app for iPhone and iPad

Another oh-so-useful app has fallen foul of Apple’s fickle approval process with Wi-Fi Sync – which could sync an iPhone or iPad using Wi-Fi instead of a USB cable – getting the knock-back.

App developer Greg Hughes submitted Wi-Fi Sync to the App Store and expected a positive response explaining that his program “doesn’t violate anything in the developer agreement and doesn’t use any private APIs.”

None the less Apple rejected the app. Hughes says that while an Apple rep “agreed that the app doesn’t technically break the rules he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns.”

As a result Hughes has now listed Wi-Fi Sync on the Cydia app store for jailbroken iPhone and iPads.

The asking price is US$9.99 which unfortunately is double the original intended US$4.99 price that Hughes was hoping to charge through the iTunes App Store (and from which Apple would have taken a 30% cut).

Hughes says he is also working on a version of Wi-Fi Sync for Windows to be released in July which will be provided as a free update to all customers.