Apple and Optus confirm free bumpers for Aussie iPhone 4 buyers

Apple Australia has confirmed that it will issue a free case to iPhone 4 buyers in keeping with the US decision to alleviate the phone’s widely-reported problems with signal loss.

“A free case will be provided for all iPhone 4 purchased through to 30 September” an Apple spokeswoman told APC.

Optus will also be doing its bit to bump away the iPhone 4’s signal woes. “To ensure Optus customers have the best possible experience with their
new iPhone 4 Optus will be providing free bumpers to all customers from
launch day on July 30” an Optus spokesperson told APC this afternoon.

What if you’re not buying from Optus and not willing to wait for Apple to get their free case to you – what if you want a  phone
that works (irrespective of how you hold it) from day one?

You can buy a case when you collect up your shiny new iPhone from Telstra just don’t expect a subsequent
rebate from Apple.

“Customers can purchase an approved case from
selected Telstra Shops or Telstra Dealers if they would like an
accessory immediately” a Telstra spokesman advised APC.

But he
confirmed that Telstra won’t be handing out free ‘authorised’ bumpers
with each iPhone 4 and that “there is no provision for any rebate”
should a customer buy a case or bumper direct from Telstra.

This is at odds with
the US policy which allows for customers who have bought an iPhone 4
bumper at an AT&T store to have the amount refunded by Apple (the
company has set up a site to check the status of refunds at
and also offers a downloadable
PDF rebate form

Apple Australia’s case give-away will run until September 30. A company spokeswoman told APC that “further details with regards to the process and fulfilment are yet to be announced” but the program is almost certain to follow in the footsteps of Apple US.

iPhone 4 owners in the US can claim their free bumper by download an ‘iPhone 4 Case Program’ from the App Store as shown above. The app isn’t visible through the local iTunes store but if you’ve got a US-based iTunes account you can check out the app here.

After downloading the app customers sign in with their iTunes Store ID
or Apple ID select a free Apple bumper or third-party case (up to a
certain value limit) and place an order for it.