APC magazine launches a new iPad app with reduced subscription price!


APC's new iPad app launched Nov 2013

APC’s recent change in owners to Future Publishing Australia has required us to create a new app as Apple’s App Store doesn’t allow ownership of an app to be transferred to a new company. As of the December issue no new content will be uploaded to the original version of the APC app.

You’ll find our new app by clicking this link to APC Australia’s iPad app page on the iTunes or App Store. We’ve also reduced the price of our subscriptions!

Single issue : $5.49
Rolling monthly : $4.49 (new subscription format billed month to month)
12 issues : $35.99

What about my current subscription?

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t offer the facilities to transfer existing subscriptions over to our new app (we’ve already asked!). To obtain a refund on the remainder of your subscription you need to contact iTunes support directly.

The quickest way is to head to www.apple.com/support/contact/ on your PC. Click through the various screens until you reach the option to chat. For more info on this follow the steps detailed towards the bottom of this page under ‘Updated – 25th November 2013’ section. Then mention the APC mag app has been removed from sale no new issues will be published and that you’d therefore like a refund. We’re sorry for the inconvenience of having to jump through hoops; all App Store transactions are managed by Apple – APC does not have access to any of your details.

What about back issues?

You will still have access to any back issues you’ve already purchased through the original APC mag app. APC’s previous owners will continue to support this functionality.


*** Update – 25th November 2013 ***

Again please accept our deepest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. We wish there was a better way but there is currently no other way to transfer the subscription to a new app by a different publisher apart from subscribers making contacting with Apple directly.

If you have been unsuccessful in getting a refund from Apple thus far we recommend following these steps using the chat option on the Apple support page for a speedier resolution.

To find the chat option:

  1. Go to http://www.apple.com/support/contact/ and click on ‘Get Started’.
  2. After clicking ‘Get started’ look towards the top left corner of the page for the country that’s shown. If it’s not showing the country you’re residing in (i.e. Australia) then change it by clicking on it. You will then get two options: ‘Use my current location’ or select by geographical region. You will find Australia within the Asia Pacific region.
  3. Once you’ve set it to the correct country select which product you’re needing help with. Click on the ‘iPad’.
  4. Next click on ‘iTunes Store App Store or iBook Store’ option and then select ‘The topic is not listed’ option.
  5. You will be presented with a text box to fill in a brief description of your issue. It’s limited to 140 characters so keep it brief for example: “Requesting partial refund of a magazine subscription”. Then click ‘Continue’.
  6. You will now see a number of options to get in touch with an Apple representative either via phone email or chat. We would still recommend chat over phone as it’s easier to provide them with links over chat than over the phone. Once you’ve clicked on ‘Chat’ enter your name email address and Apple ID. The latter is optional but helpful to provide for refund purposes. Once you’ve entered your details a chat screen will appear.

In your chat:

  1. State that you are seeking a refund on a magazine subscription of an app that has switched over to a completely new app by a new publisher in order to transfer your subscription.
  2. Provide them with a link to this page on our site formally announcing the changes and the new app.
  3. The old app used to be this: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/apc-mag/id488998304?mt=8 which has since been removed from the App Store and is now replaced with this new app: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/apc-australia/id722803923?mt=8.
  4. State that the Australian Consumer Law (under both Federal and State legislation) entitles subscribers to a refund of the unused portion if the subscription service ceases. In this case it would be the subscription associated with the old APC app that has ceased. These are the relevant websites about refund entitlements afforded by the Consumer Law: ACCC web page on Non-delivery of products and service and NSW government web page on Fair Trading: Refunds for services.



  • Simon

    Any chance you might release a windows app?