Build your very own Android app for Android Market – No coding experience necessary

Android’s on the rampage

Android is the world’s fastest growing operating system. Phones using Android now outsell iPhones and tablets running this OS are ganging up on the iPad. In other words if you want to reach the largest share of mobile users Android is the way to go.

But creating mobile applications for Android – and the iPhone and iPad’s iOS for that matter – is not a trivial exercise. It’s not like creating a web page which can be managed by anyone with a modicum of html knowledge.

Typically mobile development requires knowledge of some hardcore computer languages like Objective C or Java which you don’t easily pick up unless you are prepared to spend years learning them.

A new kind of masterclass – no coding experience necessary

We are going to do it differently. Android programmer and university lecturer Dr Rajesh Vasa has created a tutorial series for creating an Android app which does not require its followers to have programming knowledge. That is not to say serious programming isn’t involved. It is. But we’ll do it for you. You just need to follow the instructions download the software (such as the Android phone emulator pictured) copy the code snippets and just diligently join the dots.

At the end you’ll have an app that we’ve called MeDroid! It’s your own personal magazine style app that you can customise with your own or your company’s information and make available to Android users. Into the bargain you’ll have a very serious appreciation of what it takes to program for Android and you may want to pursue training to become a real programmer.

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