AMD updates Catalyst drivers for Windows 7

The Catalyst 9.3 drivers are now ready for Windows 7 enabling gamers to enjoy their games at full speed under Windows 7 beta. Doubtless there will be lots of unofficial benchmarking to find out if Windows 7 gaming performance is improved on XP and Vista and we await the results with interest.

The drivers will go live some time today and you will be able to download them from the AMD site here. With support for the Aero interface and new features like the Window Shake the desktop will be fully accelerated so even non-gamers might want to take a look at the new OS. With the Release Candidate now due in April/May and lots of positive feedback coming from users the Windows 7 ball seems to be picking up pace.

AMD Radeon video cards will now run at full speed under Windows 7

With Nvidia having released its drivers for Windows 7 last month Creative having a series of beta drivers available for its audio cards the major entertainment and gaming players are all in position to make full use of the OS which from memory seems a huge improvement on the Windows Vista launch.

There are still some complaints about some models of printer and networking issues not working with Windows 7 but there is still plenty of time for these issues to be fixed before the final launch. Are you having any hardware issues let us know?