All eyes on Macworld: “unbelievably thin” MacBook Air

With Macworld just around the corner (I’ll be up at 4am!) there’s not much time left to speculate on what Steve Jobs is going to release tomorrow. With less that twelve hours to go here are the articles to read before you shut your eyes for a few hours tonight.

John Gruber from Daring Fireball penned a great piece this morning which predicts a new sub-notebook wireless Time Machine backup iTunes movie rentals and a new version (software and/or hardware) of Apple TV. I tend to agree with most of these predictions but think Apple will also discuss the success of the iPhone and demo the soon-to-be-released iPhone SDK.

Is this the new MacBook Air: supposedly “unbelievably thin”. (photo:

Jason Snell from Macworld magazine in the US also predicts a sub-notebook with a feature set similar to the current MacBook. He also thinks Jobs will ‘spill the beans on the latest iPhone sales figures a number that will probably make people’s eyes pop.’

TUAW has put together an extensive list of predictions in which some sound plausible but others not so much. Famous iPhone hacker extraordinaire Erica Sadun sees a Mac Nano iPhone 2.0 Mac mini towers and Steve retiring on the cards.

Another article causing much controversy is a Wikipedia entry that provides extensive notes on Steve’s keynote for tomorrow. After being circulated on the web however it’s turned out to be fake.

Line honors go to Wired who have claimed the last minute scoop on the so-called Macbook Air. The device according to Wired’s source is ‘unbelievably thin’ and ‘made from aluminum and glass and uses the same design language as recent Apple consumer products: black on silver.’

If you want to tune in to the action the best place to be is one of the live blogs over at Gizmodo or Engadget. Apple will also make a stream available after the keynote by Tuesday afternoon (US time — which equates to sometime Wednesday morning or early afternoon for us in Australia).

No one has predicted a local Australian launch of the iPhone yet but I’ve got my fingers crossed. What do you think is going to happen at Macworld? Sound off in the comments and check back here tomorrow morning for a full wrap up of all latest announcement.

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