Acer will offer Android netbooks in Q3

Acer is among the top companies in the netbook market with its popular line of Aspire One machines. However it mostly sells its netbooks with Windows XP mostly and it announced today that it would be offering netbooks running the Google Android operating system starting in Q3 2009.

Acer has given no indication of how much its Android-powered netbooks will cost and according to some analysts the Windows XP is only believed to add $25 to the price of a netbook. If that is accurate it means that any cost savings on a netbook running Android will be miniscule.

Some think that Android could one day challenge Windows as the dominant operating system in the netbook market which is certainly not something that will happen quickly. Some analysts point out that there is no software built to run on Android right now other than Google’s own offerings.

Acer says that it will continue to sell Windows-powered netbooks alongside the Android machines. With the high return rate of other Linux-based netbooks Android has a long road to success in the netbook market. Acer also announced that it would be selling smartphones using Android this year.