Acer to launch Atom-powered Windows Home Server in Australia

Acer will become the second major brand to back Windows Home Server in Australia when it releases the easyStore AH340 onto the local market early next year.

Nigel Gore General Manager of Acer Computer Australia confirmed to APC that the compact WHS box was already being “test marketed” in New Zealand where it was proving “incredibly popular”.

The four-bay easyStore AH340 is a sleek squat mini-tower similar in dimension to HP’s MediaSmart EX range of Windows Home Server systems.

However the easyStore uses a 1.6GHz Atom 230 processor (backed by 2GB of RAM) rather than HP’s Celeron-based platform.

The unit comes equipped with a single 1TB drive while three spare bays can boost total capacity to 7TB. The chassis is also fitted with five USB 2.0 ports one eSATA port and Gigabit Ethernet. A ‘one-touch USB copy’ button allows the contents of any connected USB drive to be automatically copied onto the easyStore.