Acer backtracks on Android+Windows netbook promise

If you were hoping to get your hands on a netbook running Android in time for the Christmas holidays from Acer or Asus you are out of luck it seems. DigiTimes reports that with Intel delaying the launch of the Pine Trail-M platform new netbooks from the two computer makers will be delayed until Q1 of 2010.

Reports claim that rather than netbooks the vendors will focus on ultra-thin notebooks during the second half of this year. That seems rather convenient for computer makers struggling with reduced profits in the face of escalating popularity of netbooks to have no new models to offer but it’s no doubt in response to Intel’s big marketing push for thin and light full-spec notebooks.

If someone on your holiday shopping list wants the latest and greatest new portable computer you probably won’t be buying them a netbook. The biggest netbook maker Acer is reportedly going to let its current line of netbooks serve the market for the remainder of the year. Acer had been pegged to launch an Android-powered dual boot netbook next month but DigiTimes reports that the computer maker has found that there isn’t enough demand and will postpone the Android machine until the new platform from Intel launches.