Acer is rumored to have ordered NVIDIA Ion 2 chips

NVIDIA has finally found a market for its Ion chipsets in the netbook and nettop category. Manufacturers are increasingly adding the graphics chipset to their machines to handle HD resolution video and graphics acceleration. Asus recently added Ion graphics to several of its Eee netbooks and nettops.

NVIDIA has its next generation Ion 2 platform expected to hit in 2010. DigiTimes reports that sources are telling it that Acer has ordered Ion 2 chips to support the new Intel Pineview Atom processors including the N450 N470 and others. NVIDIA has declined official comment on the rumor at this point.

The new Ion 2 chipset is said to work more like a discrete GPU with Intel platforms. This is due to the new Intel Pineview processors moving the memory controller and IGP onto the CPU reports DigiTimes. An Ion chipset to support VIA platforms is also expected in 2010.