Sneak peek: ABC’s new app for the iPad

Of the many Aussie iPad apps to launch alongside Apple’s highly-anticipated tablet we’re tipping those from The House of Aunty will rocket up the Top 10 chart.

The first of these is a general ABC app packed with news reports streaming video and other goodies and judging from the screenshot below it’s going to be sweet and slick.

While the app won’t be launching this Friday but an ABC spokeswoman assures us it “will be available soon after the iPad launch in Australia.”

This will be followed later in the year by a second app designed for the ABC’s iView ‘catch-up TV’  video service.

While the online iView site relies on Flash for streaming video Aunty has followed the lead of many US broadcasters in creating a native iPad app. This goes some way towards working with Apple’s Flash jihad although it falls short of shifting video to the widely-supported HTML5 format.