A Tag Short of Compliance

In his real job Luke Amery works on shopping cart software. He is the technical director of On Technology Australia’s leading e-commerce development company.


Unobtrusive javascript

Unobtrusive Javascript separates the logic of dynamic HTML pages from the content allowing designers to modify designs without affecting scripts on the pages.


Simple ways to improve your Google PageRank

You can wear a white or black hat when trying to optimise your site for Google searches but here are some proven ethical ways of doing so.


Improve your site with HTTP compression

Squeeze more out of bandwidth and benefit your site’s users with HTTP compression.


Getting the right ad strategy for your site

Too many sites rely on Google’s AdSense which ensures they’ll be waiting a long time for their first big cheque.


 How internal search should work on your site

If internal search is working right it can be the ultimate
navigation tool. Luke Amery looks at how its implementation differs on
several sites.


Navigation’s weird baggage

Luke Amery looks at the effectiveness of the dual approach to navigation on the Mcdonalds Australia web site.


Message-based sites

The home page designs of some Australian seafood sites provide an example of the varying success businesses have in getting the message across.


Speed up your web pages with http caching

Http caching is really simple yet it’ s surprising to see how
little of it is put to good effect. Luke Amery explains how it works.


Faking site performance

How to ensure your home has compelling rich content like embedded video and flash but doesn’t take forever to create.