A world apart: Apple 27in iMac review

It’s partly due to the iMac’s popularity and the resulting massive scale of production that Apple can craft an all-in-one which isn’t just a step ahead of the rest – it’s a whole world apart.

Let’s start with the stunning 27in 2560 x 1440 display. Sure it’s not a touch screen but that’s one less reason to cover the front in grubby fingerprints. The screen is massive compared to its competitors yet the price remains affordable. Even the most anal photographer will be hard pressed to complain about the image quality with rich accurate colours and excellent contrast performance. If only there was a built-in TV tuner or Blu-ray drive to make the most of it.

The display is mounted in Apple’s signature aluminium frame a thing of beauty compared to the crude plastic used in its competitors. The smooth lines are helped no end by the seamless join between the end of the screen and the beginning of the chassis. Packed inside is some serious desktop hardware: a quad-cored 3.1GHz Intel Core i5-2400 alongside AMD’s Radeon HD6970M powerful enough to wipe the floor with the competitors. A terabyte of mechanical storage is included but once again there’s no SSD and memory is limited to 4GB at this price.

Other than the lack of multimedia goodies there are a couple of other concerns with the iMac. Firstly you’ll need to do a Boot Camp install to make the most of your Windows 7 applications. Secondly and more importantly Apple is rumoured to be releasing a touch-enabled iMac this year which will make the existing iMac obsolete. But until then this iMac is a stunning example of the potential of the all-in-one form factor and we can’t wait until the competition catches up.

Available from Apple retailing for $2299.
APC rating: 9/10 (Editor’s Choice)

  • That model is now the top-of-the-line 27-inch iMac on Apple’s website, and its price has dropped by $200 to $2,299.