$751 for Windows Vista Ultimate: official Australian pricing revealed

Microsoft has just announced local Australian pricing information for all Full Packaged Product Windows Vista editions.

The idea is that Vista will be offered at prices comparable to equivalent Windows XP versions though Microsoft hasn’t yet revealed upgrade pricing which is what most people will be interested in.
So the ERP (Estimated Retail Pricing) for Windows Vista is:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic – AUD$385
  • Windows Vista Home Premium – AUD$455
  • Windows Vista Business – AUD$565
  • Windows Vista Ultimate – AUD$751 (ouch)

As a comparison boxed copies of Windows XP retail around the following prices (these prices were sourced from Harris Tech):

  • Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2 – AUD$299
  • Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2 Upgrade – AUD$159
  • Windows XP Professional w/SP2 – AUD$445
  • Windows XP Professional w/SP2 Upgrade – AUD$319

Bear in mind that these prices aren’t what some people will end up paying. OEM pricing will be different – businesses certainly won’t be buying boxed copies of Vista and most users will probably hang out for that new computer purchase with Vista OEM.

OEM pricing isn’t generally available just yet.

But how do you do a direct comparison between XP and Vista?

Arguably Vista Home Basic is a pretty good equivalent to XP Home Edition but XP Professional is closer to Vista Business than Vista Home Premium and there’s a definite markup there.

As for Vista Ultimate the most obvious difference is the inclusion of Media Center and all the niceties which come with it. It had been be damn good to justify the extra $300 you’ll be paying over Home Premium.

So – if you haven’t started saving for 2007 better start now.