3’s HTC Magic available from mid-June, starting at $63/month for 1GB

3 has released pricing for the Android-powered HTC Magic smartphone which will be offered from the middle of next month under the carrier’s X-Series data plans.

These combine a high-value capped voice plan with a monthly data allowance which also includes free access to a range of sites and services such as Facebook and eBay.

3 is offering each of the X-Pack data bundles at 50% off their shelf price – so the 1GB plan costs $10 the 2GB plan costs $15 and the 3GB plan is $20.

Here’s the pricing so you can slice and dice the details for yourself:

We should stress that this isn’t the most easy-to-understand table we’ve ever seen but the numbers listed in the final columns under the headings of 1GB 2GB and 3GB are the total monthly cost of the deal. All plans are based on a 24 month contract.

As you can see the handset itself attracts a monthly cost of between $10 and $24 on plans below 3’s 99 Cap deal. Once you hit the 99 Cap plan the HTC Magic is free.

So the cheapest you can get the Magic for is $63 per month: $29 for the 29 Cap plan $24 for the HTC Magic and $10 for 1GB of X-Series data.

Boosting the data component of each package remains the same no matter what voice plan you’re on so if you tend to receive more phone calls than you make you can take the lowest voice plan for $29 but bump the data up to 3GB for just $20 (or a mere $10 more than the entry-level 1GB plan).