Kaiser Baas — Delta Drone review

When we heard Kaiser Baas had a GoPro-compatible Drone that was squarely aimed at cinematography hobbyists and went easy on the pocket, we got excited.

It makes sense to end up with a familiar-looking product when you’re trying to cut down on costs, but the Delta Drone literally looks like the dictionary definition of a drone.

It’s got four top-mounted propellers, rounded arms, a belly mounted battery case, red and green under-mounted LED navigation lights and two plastic D-frame helicopter legs that make carriage space for a hard mounted action camera or the optional camera gimbal mount.

With a mounted GoPro, the Delta Drone weighs in at a little over a kilo, making it significantly heavier and notably more powerful than toy drone models, without being as intimidating as some of the drones that push towards the 2kg consumer limit.

Kaiser Baas Delta Drone TopThe included remote control is a little more bare than some of the higher-end drones we’ve tested, but in addition to the expected dual joystick controls, it does have a gimbal wheel, automatic ‘return home’ button and a three-tiered, manual GPS altitude and orientation assistance toggle — the undisputed highlight of this reasonably priced device.

Unfortunately, the throttle lever doesn’t have a full rotor kill threshold, which means you’ll often crash the device after you’ve successfully touched down, and in our testing, we actually had a considerable malfunction with the automatic return home button.

But if you’re willing to accommodate the odd glitch, even if it is a considerable one, then it is hard to beat the Delta Drone in terms of value… we’d just recommend buying the optional rotor protectors and only using the drone in unpopulated open spaces.

Price: $599
From: Kaiser Baas

Rating: 4 stars out of 5