Dog & Bone LockSmart review

Padlocks have always been pretty straightforward; however, the advent of smart home tech has opened the door to a number of ways in which they can evolve to provide expanded functionality and ease of use.

With that in mind, Dog & Bone has developed the LockSmart — a keyless Bluetooth padlock that can be unlocked from your phone.

The LockSmart’s hefty body has a tough stainless steel shackle and a die-cast Zamak-3 zinc alloy body, giving the padlock high tensile and impact strength. It’s also weather-proof, so leaving it out in the rain, hail or extreme cold is not an issue.

On the bottom of the lock is a red rubber flap which opens up to reveal a micro USB port for charging. While a padlock that needs to be charged isn’t ideal, a full charge will last you an impressive two years. It’ll also notify you when the battery is getting low.

The device is controlled via Dog & Bone’s LockSmart app (available for both iOS and Android), and can be unlocked via a tap of your screen, a passcode or via the most secure method, Touch ID (or Fingerprint on Android phones).

You can also share unlocking privileges to up to 50 people, and you‘ll receive notifications whenever they’ve opened the padlock. The app also gives you an Activity Log of each unlock.

While we did experience the odd connection issue (usually due to multiple users attempting to access the lock simultaneously), the LockSmart truly is the perfect solution to all of our first-world padlock problems.

Verdict: Though it’s pricey, it’s a reliable device that will change the way you look at padlocks forever.

Price: $130
From: Dog & Bone

Rating: 4 stars out of 5