24in LED on a budget? ViewSonic VX2450wm review

Despite the growing number of LED back-lit LCDs for sale traditional CCFL screens still have a slight price edge. Still the gap is closing with the latest ViewSonic VX2450wm screen available for a very comparable price. As the name suggests the VX2450 is a 24in (technically 23.6in) panel with an LED back-light. It features a full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution a 20 million to one dynamic (1000:1 typical) contrast ratio and a 5ms response time.

The matte screen means the colours are a little dull compared to glossy models though still quite good. We had no problem with reflections even in very bright work environments with uncovered windows.

With a little custom adjustment the ViewSonic provides an excellent picture with deep blacks and no real light bleed. The viewing angles sometimes seemed a little off but were more than adequate for normal use.

The ViewSonic certainly looks the part with smooth glossy black curves and stylish translucent surrounds. Despite the thin nature of the LED screen the VX24 incorporates the PSU inside – making it as thick as a CCFL LCD. While the screen does have a VESA mount the extra thickness makes it less suitable for wall mounting. Otherwise the included stand gets the job done and offers basic tilt adjustment.

The ViewSonic is somewhat old school with its connectivity options. There is no fancy pants HDMI or DisplayPort to be seen with only the basic VGA and DVI connections included. This no doubt helps ViewSonic keep the cost down though it’s a bit of a pain if you want to use it with newer videocards or your console. The VX24 does include dual 2W speakers but we can’t recommend using them except in the most desperate of circumstances. The OSD is accessed through now standard touch controls and is quite responsive. You get the usual array of adjustments and those who like to tweak settings won’t be short of options.

As expected thanks to the efficient LED back-light the VX24 averaged 24W in use. Best yet if you shop around online you can pick the ViewSonic up for under $250.

Available from ViewSonic retailing for $349.
APC rating: 8/10 (Highly Recommended)