15 reasons Macs are still better than Windows PCs


A journalist colleague of mine recently put this question out there:

“I’m sure I’ll either get ignored or flamed for this but what’s with all the pro-Mac stuff at the moment? It seems as though everyone […] is either using or recommending Macs these days.

I’m not wanting to start a flame war here but I’m genuinely interested in why this general shift has occurred.

Do people think Vista is truly that awful that they can’t use it or even recommend a normal Windows desktop/notebook? I use it every day and I admit I don’t like it much either but I don’t think it’s that bad that I’d jump to using or recommending a Mac instead…”

I long ago stopped actively seeking out Mac vs PC discussions (partly because Macs are now PCs — so the argument is more about Mac OS X vs Windows vs Linux than a proprietary Mac architecture vs an x86 PC architecture) but I still find it confounding that after all these years people still don’t know the basics of the upsides of Macs and OS X. Perhaps it’s because of the tiresome arguments from people like this.

So here’s my answer. Note despite what I said above about the argument really being between operating systems these days I’ve looked at Macs as a hardware and software combination in this article pitted against regular PCs running Windows.

Do you agree/disagree with the points here? Tell me why — but make sure your points are solidly argued and make sure you read the whole article before flaming me. There’s an important bit right at the very bottom.

1. Reliable sleep mode

The killer feature of every Mac which can’t be underestimated (and you don’t realise how important it is until you own a Mac) is OS X’s 100% reliable near-instant suspend and resume.

Windows PCs have just never had this. Reliability on Windows is hit and miss and it’s nowhere near instant. As a result most people are in the habit of shutting down their PC totally — or worse leaving them on 24/7 chewing up power.

The difference between Mac and Windows in this respect is the difference between broadband and dialup internet. Back in the 90s many people couldn’t see the point of paying extra for an always-on internet service as “it only takes a minute to connect using the dialup…”

I always shake my head in bemusement when I read about Microsoft working on dramatically shortening boot time on Windows. Boot time shouldn’t be such a pivotal issue if suspend and resume worked well. Mac users probably reboot their Mac on average about once a month — and often only to install an OS update. Which leads to my second point.

2. Extremely fast boot times

Rebooting a Windows PC can be such a painful experience that you really procrastinate doing it. Unless you’re running on the highest spec hardware Vista can take minutes to start up.

Mac OS X starts up from a cold boot in about 25 seconds on a current-gen MacBook Pro. As another journalist contributing to the discussion observed this is not a faked boot speed where the operating system maker has rushed to get the login window on screen but delayed loading the rest of the OS. It’s a genuine boot-to-usable-desktop time.

3. Apple uses good quality parts.

Aside from the operating system Mac hardware is usually good quality. Apple’s fit and finish doesn’t generally bend and creak like the plastic panels on many PC laptops; Apple’s keyboards are high quality; Apple selects good quality parts like very good LCD panels for its screens.

You can essentially buy a Mac product sight-unseen and know you’ll be happy with the quality of the display whereas PC laptops are a huge grab bag ranging from horrendous dim rubbish to spectacular. (I have to admit I personally don’t think the basic MacBook screen is of a quality that I would want to buy but then I think it’s still better than a lot of PC notebook screens.)

4. Less blinking lights.

Apple doesn’t festoon its hardware with blinking lights and inconveniently placed wireless on/off buttons headphone jacks etc.

PC manufacturers are starting to understand this and are producing increasingly clean designs (The HP 2133 pictured right is quite a good example) but it’s still my #1 bugbear about PC notebooks.

When I’m using my laptop in a dark room at night I don’t want five bright purple and orange status lights blinking away at me. And when I’m using the laptop propped up on my legs on the sofa I don’t want to be constantly accidentally turning off the WiFi. I don’t want the headphone jack mounted on the front of the notebook because when I plug the headphones in the jack will be bumping in to my body if I’ve got the notebook propped up on my knees lying on the sofa.

This lack of basic design refinement can make PC notebooks annoying to use for the entire lifespan of the unit (and it’s not always something you can ‘see in the shop before you buy’ — consider how many PCs are corporate-issued or bought mail-order these days.)

5. OS X + Windows is better than just Windows

Ignoring Linux for a second on a Mac I can legitimately run OS X and Windows (natively or under virtualisation). On a PC I can only legitimately run Windows.

It means I can use OS X for everything but if there’s the occasional application for Windows I need to use (specialised company application; MS Access; mobile phone firmware upgrader utilities) I can easily do use Windows.

Another of my colleagues said she’s found a good use for OS X’s Spaces virtual desktop feature — OS X on one desktop and Windows on another desktop. Of course you can always pause a virtual machine too which means having Windows on-call when you need it doesn’t need to be chewing up CPU time in the background.

6. Easier to troubleshoot Macs.

It’s usually pretty easy to figure out what’s going wrong with a Mac. There are three applications that help you and are all in one place and easy to find in the Applications/Utilities folder:

  • Activity Monitor (a more powerful version of Windows Task Manager)
  • Console (which shows all system logs in one place)
  • Disk Utility (which helps you identify disk integrity issues).

It’s very rare that you can’t get a decent hint of where a system problem lies from those three apps. On Windows similar apps are available in the system but they’re more scattered and immeasurably more difficult for the average user to find.

7. A culture of good quality community software

There’s a culture of very good quality freeware/shareware with excellent user interfaces on Mac — probably a result of Apple leading by example in user-interface design and shareware authors emulating this.

The average Mac user could get away with only purchasing Microsoft Office and using freeware/shareware and Apple provided software for everything else.

On Windows the signal to noise ratio in freeware/shareware is extremely high. There’s so much junk software out there; it can be hard to find a tool that’s good quality.

Some examples of exceptionally good shareware which I don’t think there’s an equivalently good Windows alternative for (taking into account both the software capabilities -and- the front-end GUI):

8. More useful apps out of the box

Every Mac comes with some very useful apps that don’t come on Windows. (Of course you can easily download them for Windows but ubiquity of app distribution can make or break a platform — it’s why people have never really equated Symbian Series 60 phones with “useful applications”.)
Useful apps on every Mac:

  • Stickies
  • iPhoto
  • Expose
  • iCal
  • Time Machine.

Yes this is no barrier to a Windows power user. But remember the majority of computer users are not power users.

9. Neat and contained system settings.

Apple is very neat with its OS config settings. In Windows there’s many many places you can change system-wide settings — the registry add/remove programs the hardware manager the services manager network connections control panel etc.

On a Mac the OS config settings are basically all in the control panel (with a few exceptions — notably the default browser can only be changed through Apple’s own Safari browser — evil.)

It makes both using a Mac and supporting other people using Macs much easier. One specific example: it is overcomplicated to guide a user to editing the TCP/IP settings for a particular network adaptor on Windows but it’s one of the most common things you have to do to resolve network issues.

But accessing network adaptors is a cinch on Mac OS X…

And TCP/IP settings are easily accessible under “advanced”.

10. Apple doesn’t load the system up with crap.

Oh sure Apple festoons its OS with hooks into online services designed to get you to spend money. But on the whole Apple’s festooning with vendor-specific services is much less intrusive than on Windows.

Just about every (brand name) PC sold comes loaded up with junk that keeps popping up at you reminding you your six month trial is about to run out and some apps are deliberately difficult to uninstall.

Macs come with iPhoto (linked to with Apple’s book/photo printing service) MobileMe (stays out of your way unless you specifically activate it) iTunes (to purchase stuff through the iTunes store) and so on. Basically Apple doesn’t try to force its way into your wallet like PCs tend to — Apple takes a carrot approach with some genuinely useful services rather than a stick (“your PC is our advertising billboard cough up buddy”).

Of course this isn’t a problem with Windows itself per se but it is inextricably married to the Windows user experience for most people.

11. Tonnes of small reasons make Mac OS X better.

There are a large number of very small reasons a Mac is great to work on:

  • every version of OS X has sophisticated screenshot capability built in. CMD+4 provides a selector marquee. CMD+4+Spacebar takes just one window. CMD+3 takes the whole screen. You can set the format of the screenshot file and where Mac OS saves it.
  • The inbuilt image viewing app is powerful — it can view PDF and open/export to most other image formats; you can crop resize rotate adjust colour balance etc.
  • Expose lets you quickly see all your open windows or your desktop or just the windows of your current app. Way better than ALT+Tab (which Macs also have) or Flip 3D (which Macs thankfully don’t have.)
  • The Dock is much more efficient to use than the Windows start menu and taskbar — the icon opens an app or returns to it if it’s already open. It doesn’t become crowded when you have lots of windows open.
  • Target disk mode allows you to boot a Mac into a mode where the whole machine acts like an external hard drive. Plug it to another Mac using Firewire and you have the easiest way in the world to do a system-to-system drive mirror. (Though disappointingly Apple didn’t include this feature in its latest MacBook.)
  • Quick look lets you view pretty much all major file formats by clicking on the file and pressing the space bar — no need to wait for an app to launch. Windows simply doesn’t have this.

12. Still no need for additional security software.

On a Mac you don’t have to run additional security software which therefore doesn’t slow down the computer doesn’t cause problems and you don’t have to shell out for an annual subscription for it.

This is an enormously contentious point. Some people will argue black and blue that you need to be a good citizen in the world and make sure you’re scanning for Windows viruses on your Mac email in case you accidentally forward on a virus sent from one Windows user to you to another Windows user.

My opinion is: if Fords have a problem with their wheels falling off that’s never going to be resolved I’m not going to drive my Holden slowly on every road just because a Ford might find its wheels falling off at any time.

And what’s with Microsoft selling OneCare anti-virus? It has decided to make money off selling a fix to a problem in its original product (Windows). That’s just offensive.

13. Apple seems largely to be lameness free

On the whole Apple seems to come up with far fewer lame ideas that were non-starters to begin with. Microsoft on the other hand is the master of lame ideas. For example Sideshow in Vista. Windows Ultimate Extras. 10 editions of the same OS. XPS file format to compete with PDF. One size fits all UAC — “You just tried to change the date. Did you really mean to do that?”

14. Power of the Linux command line with Photoshop CS4

Just for a moment let me diverge from Mac vs PC and take a look at Mac vs “all the alternatives”.

There are a few key apps that are for many people ‘must-haves’. Microsoft Office. Adobe Reader. Adobe Flash. Photoshop.

Linux can satisfy almost all of those needs. But Photoshop is a sticking point. Although there has been great progress in WINE — even sponsored by Google — you can still only run Photoshop CS2 (or CS3 if you’re lucky.)

And don’t tell me the GIMP is a total Photoshop replacement. I’ve tried it many times. Its user interface just isn’t up to scratch yet.

The reality is until Adobe really puts its support officially behind Linux (like Google has with Picasa for example) it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

With OS X you get a polished OS with the power of a UNIX/Linux command line (not the lame DOS-style prompt of Windows) and the ability to run the latest officially supported version of Photoshop.

15. File sharing is much easier

Sharing files between computers has always been something that feels like it should be a lot easier than it is. Of course one of the reasons for this is the need for security which is opposed to ease of use because security is about putting up barriers.

But it’s also about user interface design. Mac OS hasn’t always been easy for sharing between computers; in fact I’d say it’s only 10.5 which has got it mostly right. But in 10.5 it actually is easy enough for ordinary users to use — if you want to share the files on your computer you switch on file sharing in control panel.

Shared computers on the local network appear in any file management window in OS X like a disk drive — and when you try to open them you’ll be prompted for a system username and password.

It’s the first form of computer file sharing that really puts it in front of the average user’s eyes without them having to do anything to get to it.

Whoah hold up there anonymous flamer.

Before anyone tries to put words into my mouth: here’s what I’m not saying:

  • I’m not saying a Mac is a remotely good choice if you’re a career gamer though there are enough games and adequate performance to satisfy a casual gamer (someone who likes to play a game once a week isn’t involved in the gaming scene and wouldn’t know what LOLZ actually meant.)
  • I’m not saying Macs ‘just work’ and never have problems because like any computer they do.
  • I’m not saying hardware compatibility is the same with Macs. There are endless hardware devices that don’t have Mac drivers. It’s just that there’s enough good ones in every category that do have Mac support for it not to be a problem.
  • I’m not saying Macs are for people who like building systems from scratch or having maximum opportunity to chop and change parts at will.
  • I’m also not saying Apple is a nice company to deal with — it’s not. Its whole corporate ethos seems to be “be smug and arrogant; turn your back and pretend everything’s fine oh and also polished plastic never gets scratched” as often as possible. (Though frankly the superior hardware and software goes some of the way in actually allowing them to get away with this and mostly the front-end customer service is very good.)
  • I’m not saying that Apple is always good at admitting faults. While it is generally good with warranty if it admits a problem if it is in denial about a problem it will sometimes make people wait a year before they will begrudgingly accept the cost of fixing it across the board.
  • And finally I’m not saying Apple’s DRM (which it refuses to share with anyone else) is anything other than a repellant policy from a company that has a monopoly position.

On balance though Macs just let you get stuff done whereas Windows computers constantly find ways of annoying you.

That’s my take on it. What’s yours?


  • Mohsin Javed

    excellent point

    • Todd Murray

      i like u mate

  • Doc Oc

    just so you, there are viruses that infect macs

    • Todd Murray

      yeah but mac is better

      • B0ss

        So ignorant

        • Shane Robinson

          lol. right….

          • Obama

            PC FTW

      • mylove4life

        better at taking your money

        • fiosfiend

          From my experience PC’s are more expensive in the long run than Macs. The upfront cost of a Mac is higher but in the long run a PC will cost you more.

      • No_Name

        If you read at least on other sites, people compare the components of a pc and a mac, and the pc wins. So, nope, the mac isn’t better, is more dumb.

    • Nowhere near what Windows users go through. Troll much with old, broken talking points? Thanks for playing.

    • Floyd Lawson

      Since 1990, I haven’t seen a single one personally. I’ve heard rumors, but have never actually seen one do damage to my Mac or any others. I have, however, seen every single one of my PC friends get wiped out at least once in the past couple of years, causing them to lose everything. Guess what most of them own now? Mac.

      • DrRan

        To add to that, yes there are viruses on macs, buuuuuut. Compare the number of people who get viruses on their mac to the number of people who get viruses on their Windows (everyone almost). And yes the reason that there aren’t viruses on it is because of the smaller amount of people using MAC computers but isn’t that just another reason to buy one???? It doesn’t matter why they don’t get viruses it just matters that they don’t pretty much get some at all.. No one I have seen who has a mac for 10+ years has ever had a virus…

        • Floyd Lawson

          Actually, the reason that there are less viruses on Mac is because the Mac OS is much more complicated to program and has much more complex security measures than Windows. Windows is and always has been easy to hack, so you get more devious nutballs deciding they want to ruin the world with their virus – and with rudimentary programming knowledge, they can do exactly that.

          I’ve used both Mac and PC since 1990 (and still own and use both… mainly because my wife refuses to give up her PC.) I spend all my time repairing and re-tweaking the PC just so it will function normally for basic functions, whereas I use my Mac to do real work – simply because it works… every time. Have I had a few issues? Truth be told, since 1990, I’ve had only one Mac issue that I couldn’t fix myself. And it was an issue that I caused myself (actually I worked pretty hard to make it happen… just curiosity out of control, really.)

          Why large corporations still base their operations on the sloppy, bug-ridden, virus-prone Windows system is beyond my comprehension. It’s like leaving your Jaguar parked with the doors open and the keys in the ignition while you pop into the ghetto liquor store for a chocolate Yoo-Hoo and a pack of twinkies. You’re just asking for trouble.

          Argue with me all you want, PC lovers. I have used both Mac and PC with an open mind and have tried my best to love Windows in all its bargain-basement quirkiness – but a dog can only get beaten with a newspaper so many times before he runs away. And Windows has beaten me with a newspaper long enough. I’m running home to Mac.

          • *fewer viruses.

            I agree completely with your assessment. I used Microsoft enabled computers for 12 years, never was it a trouble free experience. Never.

          • Johan Sterk

            Same here.

          • mylove4life

            and the fact is OSX is the worst OS for security and is easy to hack, and has been proven time and time again at the hackathon … the rest of what you said is really stupid.

          • fiosfiend

            Of course you have something that actually backs up the redicualous claims you’re making…..right?

          • alarmclocktothestars

            This is ridiculously false. Like, all I can do is pat you on your head and smile.

          • mylove4life

            you are a moron…. sloppy/virus-prone.. you are full of it..

        • No_Name

          I have three pcs, one from 10 years ago, another from 7 years ago, and the other one from 3 years ago. None got ANY viruses, since i bought them. And also, i don’t know anyone who i met to get a virus on a pc.

        • alarmclocktothestars

          No, there’s never (ever) been a virus for OS X, either in the wild or in the lab. Note: this is using the actual definition of virus, not malware. But still — never.

      • fiosfiend

        I’ve been using a Mac now for 7 years and I have yet to see one. From my experience they are non existent. I had my new company PC for about 3 weeks and got infected.

        • laststand

          LOL, you don’t know what you’re doing then. Hopefully 3 years has changed that.

          Again, why do astronomers and NASA use PC if MAC is so grand? Rhetorical so don’t bother.
          I have not been infected or lost data on a PC in over a decade. I know it happens but, if thats Mac’s only claim, to fame over PC, it’s pretty pathetic. I run my business and my backyard observatory solely on pc and have for a long time (15 years now), trouble-free. Most of the guys in my astronomy/ astrophotography groups who have Mac end up getting PC specifically because they can’t get the hardware or app’s that they need to run their mounts and their astro gear on a Mac. Not to mention being in business and managing everything from payroll, Excel, Quickbooks, estimates, invoicing, spreadsheets and everything all in one place. PC wins, hands down! This Mac vs PC crap is a joke. Mac is a johnny-come-lately and has not been able to keep up.
          They have a fast graphics engine and quick boot time. So what!?

    • Josh Blagden

      Actually, you’re thinking a of malware. To get a virus on a Mac, you have to install it yourself. That’s because Macs don’t have auto-play, which is the dynamo for a Windows virus.

      • carpet111

        autoplay doesnt accually automatically install files, it opens a menu for what you want to do with a flash drive/cd

        • Josh Blagden

          Is installation necessary just for something to run? Not necessarily.

      • mylove4life

        guess again

    • Let me guess you’re on a PC? Been using macs since 2007 never had one, my gaming pc on the other hand..

    • Tom B

      Never seen one but on PC’s it’s a nightmare 24/7.

      • laststand

        Utter nonsense.

    • Richard Feng

      you dont get those viruses if you use the mac properly

    • NA

      Give us a direct link that works;

    • Josh Blagden

      Technically, you’re wrong. “Virus” isn’t a catchall term for malware. There are viruses, worms, backdoors and Trojans. According to Wikipedia, a virus is “A computer program usually hidden within another seemingly innocuous program that produces copies of itself and inserts them into other programs or files, and that usually performs a malicious action (such as destroying data).”. Technically, Macs don’t get viruses. It’s possible to get malware, but not specifically viruses. It’s easy enough to scan for malware since, in my experience, it usually resides in the Mail folder.

  • Exidos

    PC is better more afordable, powerful, Mac use to be good back when Steve Jobs (A.K.A Mr.turtleneck) was CEO he was leading it in the right way

    • Jason Lowe

      The stuff apple is putting out was still designed or projects that began under Steve jJobs.
      Im a 20+ year mac user, but I admit, im scared now that Steve Jobs has died, RIP, but until apple makes a couple big mistakes back to back, it obvious to anyone with experience on both systems across a wide variety of subjects. And for the average user surfing, checking email, macs are better more stable, less crap.

      • Luke Geelen

        How it goes I.M.O , timmie know reads on steves idea’s from steve’s notebook… after a week he’s done doing so there will come a new CEO cause Timmie can’t handle it anymore…

    • Todd Murray

      mac is still better dickwad

      • Noah Norman

        Jesus buddy calm down its just his opinion no need to call him names, I’m a every day Mac user, I love it but I don’t go harrasing people about there opinions

        • Todd Murray

          Ok mate im on my period

        • Luke Geelen

          Nice… I use apple and prefer it over windows but i do not hate it. i only hate apple haters and windows haters.

      • mylove4life

        better at taking your money… all they are better at

    • Mikewilzn

      Actually PCs are not more affordable and powerful. Macs have much more power in pretty much every dept. but gaming. Even there, it runs the games great but it just does not support as many games as Windows. So that is why you dual boot with windows. Because honestly the only thing Windows can do that OS X can’t is play all of the PC games.

      And as for the price, just look at a pc with the same specs as a Mac and they will cost the same. People are just fooled by the lower base price of Windows computers

      • duclosr

        Not even remotely true. My Asus RoG was ~$1500. MacBooks don’t even come in a 17inch screen. I have 3GB of RAM on an NVidia card, which is not a Mac option. To get the i7 quad core at 2.6GHz you have to buy the most expensive MacBook Pro, which STARTS at $1999. The actual price of a MacBook Pro with comparable hardware is $2599. I think being $1099 cheaper constitutes “more affordable”. And before you start spouting gamer nonsense, the primary use of my laptop is IT work…databases, virtual machines, etc.

  • Harrison Hoggard

    Exidos: You can’t just say that PC is better, you have to explain it. Otherwise you make a fool of yourself. And mac is worth the money because having to buy Microsoft Office every year and paying thousands of dollars to pay for every year, but only paying $200 for your computer, adds up to being more than just paying $1000 for a Mac and getting the equivalent of Microsoft Office for free.

    Doc Oc: There are viruses for Mac, but there are WAY more for Windows computers. Good attempt for a last minute excuse though.

    • Todd Murray

      he has explained it dick

    • Noah Norman

      I don’t think exidos said anything about it not being worth the money

    • Benny Jones

      There is no gaming for Macs…

      • Harrison Hoggard

        Check the app store idiots. There are games for Macs. There is Steam. (I have about 50 games and they run flawlessly) And (giving credit to Windows users) if you want to play games for Windows, all you have to do is do an easily installation to install Windows on your Mac. Don’t be rude to us Mac users. You’d be surprised how many of the games you play that were created on a Mac and Linux. Think about all the variables when you make the equation for your argument.

        • AnonymousCow

          What he means are games like Battlefield 4 and Fallout: New Vegas

        • Carlybear

          I feel like you are a windows hater by default, and idiot is not an appropriate word to use to inform people of better services or things they may not have known before.
          Try approaching people with respect and you may get the same in return. He was not “rude to us Mac users”, he was pointing out information he had heard elsewhere.

          • Carlybear, he is. No clear arguments. Don’t let him drive your bus. He’s trying to do the same to me. Fanboi that he is, of Micro$oft, no less.

        • mylove4life

          why mac users are stupid morons

          • fiosfiend

            You know, when you resort to name calling you’ve lost the argument. It just means that you’re too stupid to have an intellectual discussion.

          • alarmclocktothestars


      • So then, I need to remove Dragon Age: Origins? Bummer.

        • that one guy you hate

          I bought a mac once, couldn’t run any game at all so I installed windows. everything ran 15 fps at low settings so I opened it up. then I realised Mac really put a potato where the graphics card is suppose to be. I took the potato out but while I was looking at all the components I then realised the total cost of all the components in it were only 400 dollars… I paid $4000 for a silver chassis that I could of made in my arts and crafts lesson at pre school? well.

          • I produce videos and all of the graphics for those videos. No issues on Yosemite, however, the Windows 7 installation on Bootcamp never runs without some slight problem at least. I’m never going to be stuck with just Windows again, ever.

            13 years of headaches I went through. Constant updates and crashes starting with Win 98. I jumped from XP to 7. 7 has been the most reliable, however, still twitchy.

            You have you prefs, I have mine.

          • mylove4life

            that has nothing to do with Windows… it’s the user

          • No, it isn’t. Yosemite never restarts my machine after updating when I have just checked for updates before starting the client project. Windows does. I check for updates, nothing is reported. I start my client project. Capture the video, produce all of the graphics, assemble the project in the video production app. Hit render, which can last hours, go to bed. Wake up in the morning and there’s the window, “Windows restarted to finish installing updates.” A deal breaker.

            I have no reason to put false info here. This has happened way too many times for me to stay with just Windows. If it were not so, why would I even say it? Updates is the reason I left. They should allow the user full control, but they don’t.

          • mylove4life

            No, what that means is crapple NEVER fixes there bugs… some which are over 2 years old… and the thing is I have 5 systems and they never ask for updates unless I ask for them.. mac users are so clueless that they would never update if it was not made to do so…

          • Sure, run with it. You’re much smarter than everyone. I have no misunderstanding of computers. Just run with it.

            Learn some grammar. *their. How do you never understand the difference?

          • mylove4life

            typical rely by the moron crapple user…. you are so clueless you have nothing better to say… you have a lot of misunderstanding of computers. If you did not you would not be using that worthless crapple junk

          • Sure. To each their own.

            Your turn.

          • alarmclocktothestars

            Lol. You’re so precious! I just want to pinch your cheeks.

          • fiosfiend

            You’re name is appropriate. And of course the tale tail you tell here is completely absurd.

          • alarmclocktothestars

            You didn’t pay $4000 for it, Jethro.

      • Luke Geelen

        I understand what you say, but there are some game apps and steam for mac, with winetricks you can have even more done and if you really like there is something known as bootcamp

    • AnonymousCow

      True. but a PC is customizable and with the right build you can get a PC that is much better than a mac for about $1500.

    • Carlybear

      Who ever said you have to buy Office every year is a liar…
      I had Office 2000 until last year and I only upgraded to 2010, not 2013, and I have a lifetime license that cost me around $80 with a student card… It’s really not that expensive if you know the little loopholes and access all your avaliable open source (trusted) software.
      Most PC’s are made for “average consumers” who usually don’t need heavy software (CAD programs, InDesign, etc)

    • mylove4life

      of course there is, 90% of the people use Windows… why make car parts when no is around to buy them…

    • Tom B

      Microsoft office is junk!We use Open Office and it’s even better.I’ll take a Mac over any junky PC.

  • jimtravis

    We all have different experiences which impact our opinions. All my early hardware failures have been Macs. PCs that cost half as much as the Macs gave me much longer trouble free service that the more expensive Macs. The only OS I had to reinstall was OS X due to OS upgrade breakage, or severe lag issues. Been using Windows since 3.0, never needed to reinstall.

    On the boot times you mentioned, I have several Windows 8 tablets / computers that always boot up ready to use in the same time span you stated for the Mac Pro, or less. They are SSD based, and resume in 2 seconds or less. Are you comparing an SSD based Mac to a spinning drive Windows? If

    • Tom B

      Mr.BS salesman at work.Are you selling snakeoil to computer users?I think so.PC’s are JUNK!

    • Carlybear

      Agreed, i have both iOS and Windows OS on multiple devices and I must say Dropbox is a much better cloud program than iCloud.

      The rest of the information is extremely well recorded and you pointed out the right points to highlight! Thank you for being about the only reasonable person throughout this who discussion.

  • I have a 15″ HP DV-6 laptop and a 13″ MacBook Pro, both late 2011 models. I agree on many of your points. I, however, prefer to use my HP over the Mac to get real work done for some particular reasons. 1) My HP has a built-in 10 Key numbers pad on the right side of the keyboard and that is where my hands look for numbers keys. The Mac does not and it takes me forever to enter numbers. 2) I have better luck networking the HP with everything else than I do with the mac, though they are pretty close to the same. Most networking trouble with the Mac has been getting other machines to be able to access anything on the Mac and then with Time Machine there have been a few frustrations. 3)The GIMP – I am much better with the GIMP than I would be with Photoshop at this point since I havent used Photoshop for years. There is a big plug-ins package available for GIMP on windows that I havent found for MAC or LINUX. I realize I can find them all one by one but the Windows installer just adds the whole shebang in one swoop so my Windows GIMP ends up being the most tricked out graphics program over the same thing installed on MAC or LINUX. 4) My HP has a faster processor (i7) vs the i5 that came in the MAC. It also has two separate graphics chips, one intel and one radeon, similar to how MACS are set up. It was roughly half the price of the MAC.
    Mostly I use the MAC for GarageBand and to surf the net or watch movies while I’m lounging around.

    My last “thing” with Apple would be that I hear they are eliminating their upgradability. Soldered-in RAM and Non-removable batteries and such. Thats a money play that is not only annoying but downright irresponsible when you consider the extra landfill space that these non-upgradeable machines wiil use. Oh and there is malware that affects MACS, mostly targeting the browsers I think so security is needing to be cross-platform as well…

    • DrRan

      The thing about the no upgradability at the end isn’t true… Look in the news stupid.

      • Stupid is as stupid does and since you believe whatever the news tells you….well that’s kind of stupid. My info came from one of the ifixit or ifixya websites.The statement “I hear they are eliminating upgradeability” is entirely true because that’s what I read. Do you deny that I read this? How would you know? I didn’t say, “they are not upgradeable” just that I heard they are planning to not be. In case you missed it, you just called someone stupid after you demonstrated an inability to read well enough to comprehend simple English. Have you considered doing standup comedy? You’d be great at it.

  • Raymond Chabot

    People who owns MAC, in general, seems to have to tell everyone that MAC is better than PC, they seems to have to justify the why they pay an extra 500$ for the same thing. For me the biggest problem with MAC are the majority of peolpe who’s using them, they look like dumb cultist.

    • Harrison Hoggard

      Ironic that you call us dumb cultists when you have a grammar issue in line 2 of your statement.

      • Raymond Chabot

        English isn’t my native language so excuse me for the issues

      • Actually, line one through all of the post.

      • urmum

        “I feel insulted so I’ll point out his grammar, that will show him!”

      • You may want to look up the word ‘ironic’ in a dictionary. This contains no irony.

    • Shane Robinson

      the extra 500$ or even 1000$ is worth not getting a new computer every year or being stuck with a crappy one, and its just Mac not MAC

      • Raymond Chabot

        For 500$ or even 1000$ I get something way better than anything “MAC” can do I can also upgrade it to stay up to date for longer too. If you had to buy a new computer every year I think that you don’t know anything at all about computer.

        • Raymond, you are obviously ill informed, or not informed in the least. What is glaringly obvious is that you have never even looked at an Apple device other than your iPhone.

        • DrRan

          …. really…. you actually think he meant 1 year… What he means is that while you HAVE to buy a windows every 3-6 years you HAVE to buy a new mac every 10-15.

          • carpet111

            . they do however do less than windows pcs, and installing windows on them makes them not last as long.

          • Mikewilzn

            and how do they do less than windows PCs?

          • Luke Geelen

            well , i use pretty heavy programs so 10 – 15 is a bit too long for me but what some people don’t realise is that when you buy a mac and sell it 1 , 2 or 3 years later you lost less money than doing the same with a windows computer. they just seem to hold there value better
            (P.s. if your not in need for heavy programs 10 years is easely done)

          • Reid M Castillo

            a 15yr old mac right now is completely and utterly useless.

          • ANY 15 year old computer is useless.

          • mylove4life

            lol… I hope you really don’t think that..

      • DrRan

        F**KING THANK YOU FOR TELLING THE TRUTH… The MAC people have to justify it because the Windows are to incompetent to realize it.

    • DrRan

      Then you don’t have a problem with macs, you have a problem with the people who use them and not the computers.. PS: I don’t care what you use

    • Floyd Lawson

      That’s about the worst argument I’ve ever heard for not owning a mac… “looking like a dumb cultist” (from a cult that doesn’t actually exist… except in the pages of PC Magazine.)

      How about actually spending some time with the elegance of a system that actually works, does processes flawlessly, and protects your data like its an armed fortress? I still use both systems, and I keep an open mind. I have no trouble looking like a dumb cultist, because I am pumping out the work at record pace on my Mac. I don’t have time for the hassles that come with PC ownership.

      And that peace of mind is worth a whole lot more than a measly $500.

      • Luke Geelen

        You have no idea how much more work i do on a mac… simple cause its more stable
        (don’t take me wrong, I don’t hate windows I even run it on my mac, the only thing I dislike about windows is the fact that they cause apple haters)

    • Tom B

      Gee,I paid 200 bucks for my Macbook 3 years ago and it blows away my wife’s new Lenovo thinkpad with all the bells and garbage.It loads much faster with only 6 gig of ram.She’s pissed and yes there is no such thing as a MAC.

      • mylove4life

        sure it does….

  • Noah Norman

    Wanting to share my 2Cents on this topic, how do I start? Oh yeah I have been a long term windows user since 3.1. I liked the machines that windows was running on, I liked how I can play all my favorite games stuff like that, I got a Macintosh 2 back in the ’90’s it was a excellent Home computer but on the present day I have both a custom built PC for my gaming and entertanmint and a iMac 27″ for college my PC I built cost $1,100, my iMac cost $1,240. But what I think that my Mac is easier and simpler for my work, and my PC for my gaming because of PC has way more support for game devolepment, but in smaller forum Mac’s and PC’s are both great systems.

    • B0ss

      This guy gets it, I also own both of the systems, and thay fill each other out.

    • DrRan

      Yeah but if you have the money you can just install the software to run .exe’s and still have the great interface and long lasting quality… But if you don’t get a Windows… YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME FOR ACTUALLY SAYING THE TRUTH AND DOING IT APPROPRIATELY… THANK YOU!!!! If you have unlimited funding get a beef’ed out mac… High funding get a Mac… Low funding get a Windows…. Medium funding get a low end mac or a medium end windows (about same quality).

  • Jordan Soulos

    Seriously the writer could only come up with reasons i could come up with hundreds of reasons why apple products and osx is a complete waste of money this article is written by a apple fanboy or fangirl for apple fanboys or fangirls

    • Harrison Hoggard

      Then why don’t you go through the trouble and tell us why PC is better. List AT LEAST 100 reasons. I bet most of those Mac can do that you didn’t even know. Good thing about Mac users: we paid for Windows and got crap. We pay more for a Mac, but paid for better quality for the computer and love it. Windows users are such jerks.

      • B0ss

        Lel this ignorant dofus! 😀

      • djw0510

        What an ignorant statement – Windows market share is over 90% while Mac ALMOST has 5%.

        • Harrison Hoggard

          And yet there are still the same amount of people that like both. If the percentages were evened out, bye bye microsoft.

          • djw0510

            There are? How do you know?


    • DrRan

      Yeah…. Go ahead tell us 100 reasons… Oh wait you can’t because there aren’t.

    • Jacob Danielsson

      if anyone here is a fanboy of something it’s you!

  • Benny Jones

    Windows can be custom made, Apple, you are stuck with one machine forever and ever. Mac has amazing ideas contained in their machines and in their philosophy but you can’t custom make a machine or change anything on those.

    • Kieran Richards

      You could make a ‘Hackintosh’ (a custom built computer which you manage to run OS X on), but I guess thats not legitimate Apple.

    • DrRan

      But the machine that you are “stuck” with is a lot better than the pile of shiats that you CAN change

      • Benny Jones

        Sure, as far as I know Nvidia Cards, Asus Motherboards, and the rest of components are not bad at all.
        Should I mention the Hard Disk, etc?
        How curious that Apple uses Nvidias…

  • obama

    Macs still suck

    • DrRan

      Your just afraid to admit the reasons cause there aren’t any and if there are, please tell me because I bet I can tell you that a mac can do it better.

      • mylove4life

        a mac cant do anything better…. you need to get out more

  • obama

    Its called steam and Gaming stupid derps

    • mylove4life

      steam is a joke too…

  • obama


  • Shane Robinson

    I own a 17 in Macbook pro retina and a i also have killer windows seven gaming setup that i built. windows allows me to enjoy crysis like i never ever ever could on a mac, but as far as laptops go there is no competition AT ALL Macs are the leaders there. seriously I’ve owned windows laptops back when i was an apple hater, and MacBooks are soooo much better, i honest feel bad for people with windows laptops (though i haven’t tried windows 8 yet) and i hope all those haters just give apple a chance, because as of right now its much better. Don’t even get me started with the iphone….

    • Michael

      17inch Macbook Pro’s with retina dont exist

  • Nicolas W. Wolf

    Yes I totally agree. Please buy iPhones & iPads & iDontUnderstandTechnology 🙂
    Support apple people they are pioneers! They are amazing! Unfortunately recently Apple started building computer systems that look like trashcans (mac mini & mac pro) please don’t mind this, they do it to achieve lower temperatures! See?? They rock! Please write more articles like this one.. Articles like the above and comments by apple fanboys are for me constant reminders about your uniqueness and how awesome you mac users are! I call them little mac web gems, please give us another one! hahahahaha

    • mylove4life

      what are they pioneers of? mac users are the dumbest computer people you will ever meet

  • Nicolas W. Wolf


  • cam

    this is such bs, i swear all those reasons i read a pc can do beter, macs are so popular because of the image attached to the product, lets be honest it does look so much cooler then any pc computer and in my lecture room at uni, there is only ever an occasional non-apple brand, with nearly all the other kids having the bright apple logo on the back of their pc.

    I would never buy a mac because i dont care about the image i have, i care about the product i am getting

    • Brandon

      If you don’t want to get a Mac because you care about the product you are getting, then you are not aware of the better quality of a Macintosh. Generally, Macs are better quality with the OS X system and they tend to last longer. If you said something about the cost or that you use PCs for other things, then your argument would have been more reasonable, but it just is invalid with what you said.

    • DrRan

      And that product you are getting is a pile of shiat

    • That’s why I bought a Mac. I care about the product I’m getting. You’re correct about that. 12 years with Microsoft was way too long. Too many failed OSs and MOBOs.

      • djw0510

        Microsoft doesn’t even manufacture MOBOs or the other parts you’re talking about. What you’re talking about is poor quality control that Microsoft has NO control over because there are countless 3rd party companies building “PC’s” that run Windows OS.

        • Absolutely correct. I prefer to not be a “beta” tester after the purchase.

          • djw0510

            Then don’t buy computers from untrustworthy sellers.

            All of your complaints above are about hardware that has no relation to Microsoft whatsoever. But on the other hand there’s Mac, who produces their own hardware, lots of it being faulty, my favorite of which is exploding batteries which Apple refers to as “expected behavior.”

          • Right. Still waiting for a failure after two years. I’d have thrown a Windows enabled device out the window by now. I’ll continue to wait for a failure.

          • Regardless of the relationship, I won’t buy Microsoft products. They will be installed in machines not made by Microsoft. Do you not see the issue?

            I’ll stick with waiting for that battery problem. Two and a half years and still waiting.

            My business cannot survive on Microsoft. I have already found that out.

  • IllWillFan

    Quite honestly I don’t care what computer you use. I really do believe it’s all just a matter on what you’re trying to accomplish. I will say that although this post is obsolete by 6 years, the amount of smugness in about 5 of these 15 reasons makes it that much more cringeworthy.

    • DrRan

      Thats still 10 reasons why macs are way better

  • urmum

    This article gave me cancer

  • meow


  • jane anne

    Look why don’t we all just end this ongoing rival and say that they both have their ups and downs, I mean they are both the same thing(kinda) I mean they are computer just differently built.Also they both have their up’s and down’s. If you like MAC’s better good of you if you like PC’s better thats fine too. It all comes down to your feel cause in reality they both are great computers!

  • bobby

    Im sorry if your too stupid to use a windows laptop

  • Obama


  • mac90

    I still use PS7 with a good few plugins and a custom w2k pro OS. Dual boot with Mint. A very enjoyable, quick and productive system. Love seeing the shock response after I load up the latest Android SDK etc.This is where the Mac misses out.

    • Jacob Danielsson

      wow! a ps7 are you from the future?

      • FRIdSUN

        PS7 not PSCS7. It’s the last PS before all the CS versions. I remember it on my school computer.

  • googageega

    yeah, thus macs are son of suckers

  • googageega

    mac does not have games like windows

  • Josh Blagden

    That’s a really good article. By the way, you don’t need to buy Microsoft Office unless its a necessity. I just use iWork and then convert my documents to Office format when necessary. Otherwise, I’ll convert a Keynote presentation to a Quicktime movie(which used to be clickable) to preserve all of the cool effects and transitions. Also, you can use Pixelmator instead of Photoshop. The latest version of Pixelmator is a full-featured replacement for Photoshop. It’s a lot easier to use than Photoshop and is a lot more user-friendly. It even has the Liquify tool now, which was the only thing it was missing for a while. A lot of Mac users use it instead of Photoshop because it has the same level of functionality and a much lower price. Apple actually uses it instead of Photoshop now to show how powerful its Mac Pro is. Also, it costs a whole lot less than Photoshop. It costs $15-30(whether or not its on sale) instead of Photoshop’s $500-600. A great thing about Macs is the availability of alternatives to expensive programs.

    • mylove4life

      iwork is a joke…

      • Josh Blagden

        The new iWork – Yes.
        The old iWork – It’s pretty good, it just has the huge downside of using a proprietary format which Windows users can’t use.

        What do you think of OpenOffice or LibreOffice?

  • Mellow Tiger

    numbers one and two have been rendered mute by ssds, windows loads up virtually instantly and can be put to sleep and resume just by closing the screen.

    number three is just absurd. PC is such a massively vague concept; there are manufacturers that develop cheap plastic construction laptop and desktops and there are manufacturers who produce fantastically build and designed parts.

    number four is equally absurd. flashing lights? oh the horror. and again, there are lightless designs out there for pc. number five is more of a personal question, of what are using the OS for, and what OS were you originally using. to osx users windows would seem confusing at first, and to windows users osx seems oversimplified and useless.

    number 6 is true regarding the troubleshooting issues, i have to hand it to the apple community there.

    numbers 7 is just wrong. third party software is a problem for mac users, as there are tons of more options out there for free and paid-for software for pc. developers are more likely to develop programs for the majority of the computer community, which pc still reigns dominant.

    number 8 also isn’t really applicable, as you can just slap on all the amazing third-party free software available online.

    number 9 is another question based on personal preference, i feel that the control panel is easier to navigate but the osx option is still rather workable

    number 10 is just plain wrong. my computers certainly do not boot up with any programs or adware, mac or pc.

    number 11 does contain many features that windows do not, but the opposite is also true, with windows having many features that osx lacks.

    number 12 is true now, but if apple ever starts to grow in the percentage of computer users, more people will start to write virus for it. there are viruses for mac, and because osx developers are less use to threats; they will be less prepared for attacks.

    number 13 is just depressing to hear. the ‘lameness’ they describe are just new attempt to find a market for new software. without attempts to find new niches, new software would never be developed. companies must fail in order to succeed, and this shouldn’t be question.

    number 14 im kind of confused about. the command line is windows can be modified to suit all usage with third-party software, and windows runs photoshop seamlessly. and whoever wrote this article needs to stop using the word ‘lame’.

    number 15 is true for stock software, but have you ever tried torrenting?

    i’ve used mac and pc for years, built with them, fixed them, and dealt with their issues. really it is based on personal preference whichever os you use, but dont think apple will ever be formally introduced to the business percentage of computers until they significantly lower prices.

    • djw0510


  • Muhammad Afnan Dogar

    To the technical people, the os doesn’t matter much I guess. I’m a pc user and I know how to manage my pc so the os x vs the windows thing is not really an issue.. People with less knowledge regarding computers may have issues or they’d want to create one. I find mac different and interesting but I won’t compare both os as I’m comfortable with both..

  • Matthew Derpy Rosser

    About 10 out of these are opinions.

  • Tim Tian

    Macintosh = Overpriced hardware
    End of Story


    I strongly discourage people without decent knowledge (for that I mean understanding every single one of the options in their corresponding control panel(s) and settings at least to a introductory level) of both OS from commenting.

  • Minecraft Alienb

    some of the things you said are wrong the boot time can be faster if you buy a good hard drive like ssd in pc you can choose what parts you wont to use so pc is a better quality parts if you choose right im building pc what is so match better whan a mac

  • Holden Moore

    I still prefer linux, there are only 1 or 2 viruses for it, it is free (unless you WANT to donate) and yes, WINE is progressing, but you can in fact run other os’s on a pc, I have, to get linux, I probably will on a different pc, to get mac OS X

  • AnonymousCow

    BTW my start up time is less than 10 seconds

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  • tasos paraskevakis

    Hello there ! Windows still there and love because of games (although many companies have already begun to provide games on mac ).When all games become compatible on mac, windows will “die”if something does not change in the coming years on winodws . And for those who say the games … why not say about the songs ? all the major record companies have signed a contract with Apple.

  • Mac OS does not force a shut down on you, causing you to lose your work, when there is a software update like Windows 7 does. You tell it when you are ready. Of course, they would not be necessary if there was not so much crapware, bad UI, and dumb ideas in the Windows ecosystem.

    • djw0510

      Windows 7 has never done this to me, ever.. but okay…

    • mylove4life

      what planet are you on…. do you even use a computer or are you paid by crapple for posting stupid stuff

  • Stefan de Jong

    First, if your know what you’re doing, you will not get viruses on a PC. Secondly, my PC fully boots in or around 7 seconds. File sharing? Everyone uses cloud drives and social media, no difference in PC and Mac. Fact is that Mac costs soooooo much more. It’s like saying: “hey look at my Porsche, it’s much better than your Suzuki swift that costs 6x less the price.” Taking screenshots? Your right, built in PC screenshots are a pain, but there are enough 3rd party programs like Lightshot or Imgur that will easily fix this problem. Annoying Pop-ups? If you don’t know how to properly use a pc and install only proper programs, you shouldn’t use a PC, no. Using macs is for overly rich people and people who don’t properly know how to handle a computer. A Mac is very user-friendly (what I don’t like) and easy to handle (which I don’t need)

    • Eddie the Eagle

      7 seconds? Seriously? What PC / Windows version is that?

  • StrayHound

    The difference between the Mac and PC is this new fake FBI ransomware that’s going around the web.

    When you get your PC locked by ransomware, you can browse many lovely websites that are just so happy to help provided you purchase their malware removal software. Even reputable websites speicifically plug one malware removal service per article on the subject, and of course these services cost money. There’s no way to remove ransomware for free unless you’re being scammed by cryptolocker, and even then it isn’t easy for most people. It should also be mentioned that GreenDot makes money everytime someone gets scammed by ransomware, so good luck seeing them eradicate the threat by ceasing their service, everyone makes money when thieves push ransomware when it comes to PCs.

    When you get your Mac blocked by ransomware like a moneypak scam, you just have to reset Safari. That’s literally it. Oh wait, you’ll have to have all the boxes in the next screen checked before you click reset. Very important step that one, considering they’ll be checked already anyway. So that’s it. No websites plugging their costly services because this is a new way to bilk money out of you. Just reset Safari.

    Do you understand now why Mac is better?

  • 729

    How come my pc boots faster ? Large amount of false facts in this

  • djw0510

    What a terrible misinformed writeup.

  • gavin crump

    this is great, i couldn’t agree more with any of these reasons

  • NA

    Seen sites come and go, but not one infection on Mac, unless users do something dumb like type in their password for something they have no idea what they just did.

    On Windows, you just gotta be more careful.. That’s all

    Apple takes care of us by implementing security, where as users must take care of themselves under Windows..

    Master that, and both OS’s are the same in security as each other… I’m used Windows 7 for years…. No A/V, no malware protection of any kind,, and have never got infected…… If I can do it, so can you….

    But if your afrraid, get a Mac…… Of course we know their not that safe, since dumb users still typed their passwords in so 600,000 Macs got infected by the FlashBack Trojan…. *rolls eyes*

    Seems whatever you do, they’ll never be sensible users out there.

  • Lachlan Wild

    I am a mac Fanboy
    and then PC was created

  • Andre

    I got a new pc for Christmas and within a week I didn’t know this at the time it had over 4000 viruses and when I finally took it to geek squad to get repaired they told me the problem was so bad they would have to completely rewrite my hard drive and delete everything. (I had not even downloaded anything just used it and it still got all those viruses.

  • michael richards


  • John Graham

    Macs do have advantages over PC, but we’ll get to that later. PCs are FAR superior to Macs in the context of software development – also PC business software such as word processors and spreadsheets are better than their Mac counterparts. Gaming is better on the PC aswell. And lastly, for the same amount of money, you can custom build a FAR superior PC than you can a Mac.

    Macs boot up faster, has slightly more powerful Wifi, and are good for music, graphics and other media development.

  • Carlybear

    I have been Windows faithful since I first used a Mac Desktop in 2001…it was terrible. I found the interface to be difficult to navigate and I did not like the appearance or overall feel of the product itself (what the eff is with the standard keyboards and mice?)….However! I have recently begun an Arts degree and I am definitely noting the extreme positives in owning a Mac Desktop or Laptop, not to mention in most Arts fields they are the industry standard.

    I STILL don’t like how it’s not as easy to disable Apple programs I won’t use (however I have never had my own and I don’t wish to change too many features on friends or uni ones).

    I also work in Retail Electronics store, and I get so many parents saying “I need a mac”… which I usually end up facepalming as “oh my son/daughter just told me to get it”…. NO! WRONG! do your research, regardless if it’s the best in the market, it might not be an ideal product for you as a comsumer. Most $300 Windows laptops will serve as a beautiful piece of technology forthe “average consumer” (browsing, documents, maybe storage, etc)

    So I would like to end this in saying that Windows PC’s are just amazing, if you’re willing to spend money on decent security software and the overall hardware. BUT a Mac is as equally as amazing, if not better in most hardware/software, and is generally the industry standard.

    ALTHOUGH, everyone will have a different opinion, because just like phones, you know someone who has had it, who has had a problem or has heard about the evil company being evil 🙂

    (Microsoft is just as bad/good as Apple in most ways, don’t get it twisted guys, they are competitors for a reason)

  • mylove4life

    you don’t do updates on crapple junk as they don’t fix things…

  • Josh Blagden

    OS X 10.11 El Capitan – Most of it is under-the-hood improvements, much like OS X Snow Leopard. The new Metal API will also be great for gaming since it improves performance by 50%.

  • Nathaniel Pillar

    PC is an acronym for “personal computer”, which means it still applies to Apple computers. I’m sick of people calling computers running Windows “PC”, while an Apple computer always seems to be referred to as something else, such as simply “Apple”, or “Mac”.

  • James Young

    My first computer was a Mac mini and I do not recommend a PC because they are all confusing and loaded with trial ware and crap. I use VMware fusion to run Windows only of absolutely need to

  • Dondoluma

    Windows vista or later version are tons of annoying feature.
    UAC is very annoying and cause system unstable.
    Mac OS doesn’t.

  • mouniir oouli

    MacOS is a commercial Linux ..