One for the Pros: LaCie 324i display review

The 324i is aimed at professionals and high-end users who want the very best quality image as well as the ability to calibrate it exactly to their work. The LaCie uses a true 10-bit P-IPS panel with the ability to display 1.073 billion colours and 98% of the Adobe RGB colour gamut. The 24in screen has a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 with a 0.270 dot pitch. The 6ms GTG response time is great for normal use or even gaming in your off-time.

Our screen came with the LaCie Blue Eye Pro calibration tool sold separately for $399. While the default setup is pretty good it’s a simple process to tweak and adjust. Colour reproduction is excellent both before and after calibration even from very wide viewing angles. Very minor back light bleed is visible around the top edge of the display on a dark screen though overall the blacks are very dark.

You get an HDMI port DisplayPort DVI and a component input plus a two-port USB hub.

The LaCie has a high-end stand that allows it to be positioned at just about any angle or height you want and you can rotate the screen in portrait mode. We did find it a little wobbly when fully extended but not too bad considering the overall heft of the display.

While power use probably isn’t much of a concern the LaCie did draw a high but not worrisome 66W at the default brightness setting.

The monitor is backed by a comprehensive three-year warranty. Of course the LaCie is in no way cheap and while it has a lot of high-end features you can expect to pay at least $1900 for just the monitor.

Available from LaCie retailing for $1999.
APC rating: 7/10